Please Help!

So pretty much to sum it up I got an lg g3 from Verizon and flashed liquid smooth 4.4.4 and any rom but stock doesnot have mobile data working, every time I disable wifi, data turns orange. I don't know if there are logs to post. I have the default apn settings. Thanks for your time.

EDIT: FIXED as of February(forgot about this post) because of my apn settings, just had to try each of them and one worked all around, Now having a great experience on all roms, currently on Tesla 5.1.1

Yeah flash it back to stock or try ASOP and Cynagen.

Well I did flash back to OEM and cyanogenmod/AOSP and none worked, gonna take to verizon to get it swapped, got all bases covered and called Verizon rep and she said that it would be all good, will update. 

Went to Verizon, swapped out the phone for a different one, lte and data in general works great, kind scared to flash roms now, worked great on my nexus 7, any thoughts about if I still should?


In the case of phones, unless the ROM is designed VERY SPECIFICALLY for you EXACT model and variation of handset, there are a ton of drivers and low-level firmwares that could be the cause to problems like this. Which roms were you flashing that were causing these issues?