Please HELP!

...... i may get yelled at for posting multple times... but please excuse that for i have been unable to find older posts of mine, anyways i am looking to build a PC but i am very confused and my head is about to blow up due to different information from every where i look. so i am wanting to use a AMD FX although there are multples cpu's (as you would probably know) and i do not know which is best.... here are ones ive picked out of clusters from what i heard are pretty good PLEASE HELP IM SOO CONFUSED !! AHH


AMD FX 8350

AMD FX 8150

AMD FX 6300

AMD FX 4170

AMD FX 4130

AMD FX 6200


you want to avoid the older "bulldozer" FX CPUs. your choice should be between the fx 6300, 8320, or 8350. which one is best for you depends on your budget.

Thanks so so much man really appreciate it..... im new to this as you could probably tell =p

What is your budget, and what will you be using the PC for?


Yeah stick with the 6000 or  better yet 8000 series, they are newer, and just as anarmypig said, it depends on your buget, get the one you can afford best. They are diffrences in power, but again, more power, more cost.


+1 to this, also if your confused which out of the 3 is best, the 8350 is the best.

i agree with anarmypig let us know your budget and the purpose of the PC, so dependeing on that someone will be able to build the computer for ya!! and make your life easier.

ya well the building part seems fairly easy (knock on wood) but i would be using it mainly for gaimng thats about it and i am willing to spend like 250 on a cpu but i dont want a intel?


We don't mean literally assembling the computer. We will compile a list of parts and post a link to help you get the best bang for your buck.

oh yes please i would love that... i have NO idea what im doing to be honest.... HAAH i may sound dumb but i would like to have hdmi.. lol might be a useless thing to say, but ya pretty much all i need .. and i woulndt mind a large amount of storage,and i hear from the videos that these ssd's are good and fast? lol idk BUT THANK SO MUCH GUYS!!!

also how will i be able to find this post if someone else posts something?


We still need your budget........

If its mainly for gaming, then spend more for the graphics card, and again, anarmypig is right, it would be nice to know what you're planning on using for other components. 

oh sorry haha my price =p um proabably around 600-700

looks good only notice one thing, 430 W psu is  to low.

7850/78/70 cards needs at least  500W psu to work well.

and if i was you, with this cpu cooler you choose,  chance the memory to  2x4GB crosair vengance 1600mhz with low heat spreader, you selected those with a high  heat spreader thats just fine but if you want to install it in slot 1/3 dual channel, then you have to chance the fan of the cpu cooler to the othersite, otherwise the ramms wont fit ;) just something to think about.

wenn you chance the ramms to the low heat spreaders onces, then there is no problem

Fixed it.

That looks very nice, although you could have saved some money on the motherboard. Based on how much experience the host of this forum post seems to have, I wouldn't recommend overclocking the processor. This is simply because it is VERY easy to get carried away and have your voltages so high that they brick your processor. Instead, I would probably have recommended a standard MSI 970 series board. They do the job, and they also happen to support Crossfire and SLI, if he/she decides to upgrade later on . After saving money on that, I would probably have kept the intended budget the same and either spent some more to upgrade to an 8 core, or spent it on the graphics card to get a Radeon 7870 XT.