Please help :'(

someone help meee i have done the deed.... i bought a top of the line windows 8 laptop. spent my saveings and had just a few bucks left so i bought windows 7 pro oem. being in experienced i went to youtube and google and found the needed steps to kill the windows8 on my new rig. 

however it didnt tell me how to deal with a oem locked hard drive and i called windows  they giggled and said to call asus

so i did the lady nicely told me she couldnt help becouse asus does not suport upgrades or downgrades

however  she mentioned a windows7 repare disk may have what i needed but thats all she could tell me i am confused on the whole deal

someone please help my rig is dead till i can get this fixed :'( 

specs asus q500a i7 750gb hdd 8 gb ram 

i know this website is not a help desk but i am hopeing someone can help me. LONG LIVE THE TEK

PS I i miss watching you guys in hd as my backup/old decrepid computer bearly handles the website let alone videos.

I am confused, does the laptop no longer have anything on it, or can you just not remove windows 8.

I use windows 8 and once you get rid of the metro bullshit it's a lovely OS with many new adorable and underrated features.

And if it has nothing on it, and they won't let you put 7 on it, why not just put 8 back on it.

I've actually ran into this issue before when helping a friend downgrade a new windows 8 laptop. I had to remove their HDD and Delete EVERYTHING from it. All partitions and reformat it clean before i was able to install windows 7 on it. Due to a new partition style that windows 8 computers come with that didnt allow windows 7 to be installed. I also believe there is a setting in the Bios that needs to be changed. something along the lines of EFI Secure Boot enabled that needs disabled or changed.. I forget. Also if you decide you want to Dual boot windows 7 and 8 make sure windows 7 is installed first then you can load windows 8 and nice thing with newer laptops it seems the windows 8 key is built into the bios somewhere because it wont ask you for a activation key.

here is something you can try, boot off the win 7 dvd, then access the command line from the cd (its under repair your computer).

type "diskpart" to enter the disikpart app (see link to see options)

under diskpart type list disk, this will show you installed drives.
next type "select disk x" with x being 0 or 1, which ever yours is. it will probably be select disk 0
type "clean" - this will Removes any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk
then type "CONVERT MBR"
then type exit

then exit out of command line and try to reinstali windows normally.

let me know if this works, and good luck!

This is a pretty simple fix.

You have 1 of 2 options, and a 3rd if you wanna get fancy.

1: go into the bios and disable secure boot. Bam. Windows 7 should work now.

2: You SHOULD have an OEM windows 8 key on the bottom of your laptop. Download the windows 8 ISO and burn it to a flash drive. Install it and simply use the OEM key from your laptop.

3: If the damn secure boot is still being a stupid piece of shit, then download the hirens boot CD and burn it to a flash drive and boot from that. Then use the parition manager (I forget what they call it) to nuke the hard drive of that stupid secure boot partition.

If you can not boot hirens, then download ubuntu linux and burn that to a flash drive and use it in live mode to nuke the hard drive.

Ubuntu actually does have secure boot support so that should work no matter what, but it is a 1Gb donwload. Sooooo be prepared to make some coffee or something.

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