Please help with Origin account hacked

My account was hijacked by some random russian guy. I quickly changed my password, but he managed to change my personal details. I have no idea what to write there, as even the question is in russian. I understand what's written, but no idea what to answer. I also don't have login verification enabled. What do I do?
I've got Origin e-mails to prove that the account is owned by me and I bought the games myself.
Can I contact Origin or EA or something?

This might help.

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Kind of did help, but I'm in Latvia , so calling isn't an option and it's pretty late now. Thanks anyways! thumbs up

FYI changing your language to Russian so you can't read it is exactly why they do it.

They are only slightly possibly Russian.

You might be able to call with Skype.

Use your phone to translate the text back into your native language? hm maybe that wont help.

You dont have a phone? Id it costs a few its up to you to decide if thats worth the account otherwise its not, dump the account.

I'm pretty fluent in russian, so understanding the question was no problem.
Sorted out everything with the dude, appareantly he bought my account online for dirt cheap, like 2 euros.
Told him to back off my account, he gave up the answer to the security question, so I used the chance and changed my password as well as some of the security-increasing measures.
At least the guy wasn't an asshole about it.

That's good news. Does origin have 2 factor auth? If so get that on.

I had this happen to my account prior to purchasing Battlefront a few months back. I could log in and everything just fine, the issue was just not being able to change account details.

You can also skirt the calling and stuff to reset your account. I used the method in this video and set up 2 factor with Google Authenticator afterward.

I didn't have anything on that account I cared about or anything, so it was more an inconvenience than anything. The hacker apparently bought me a few games though, so that's cool.

All's good, set up the google thing, changed pretty muvh everything and set up a second email just in case. That's pretty much every security measure Origin has :)

Tell him you'll make soap out of him. He'll understand.

I told him that I could pretty much sue him out of his pants as (I'm not totally sure, but it worked on him so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ) the thing he did pretty much counts as identity theft.
He got scared, I guess. Good thing he doesn't know I'm 15 and suing someone you only know the e-mail of isn't that easy.