Please help with a buy

I was wondering if anyone could please help me with this problem. I am in the market for a new laptop that I will use for general multimedia uses as well as some Skyrim and Counter Strike gaming. I am not looking for something ridiculous, but just a laptop that will allow me to game decently as well as have a good display and overall being a decent laptop. ANY HELP would be great. Attached is a link to where I'd prefer to buy it (as I am Australian and they offer 48 months interest free).

Does it have to be Harvey Norman?  They charge way too much.  For example the MSI GX60 laptop - which would be spot on for you - is $1996 at harvey norman - but $1499 at PC case gear

Oh wow, that's a great start.
But say I wanted to take a step down from the MSI, what would be my next option, in regards to price and quality? 

What is you total budget including postage (need postcode)?

Well, I don't really want to spend over $1500, but anything under that would be great, as long as it was worth the money, if that makes sense. My postcode is 3977 and postage wous be included in the $1500 budget