Please help witch mobo

ok so i am planing to go with i5 3350p. now how do i now is the board ivy bridge? these two fit in to my budget, so witch one is better choice?

and i am little confused, becouse for cpu it says that ram speed is 1600mhz, so if i buy 1866 ram, witch speed will it run on default?

ps my graphics card iz msi gtx 460 1gb oc. i simply dont have enough money for  new one now, and i will use rig for gaming. i just hope that it will be able to run latest games on 1080p on high. :D

thanks in advance!

id go for the asus it has more conectivity and its asus also for the 1866 mermory to run at the full speed not 1600 you will have to go into the bios and put in a overclocking profile or mode