Please Help Thremal paste and wrong SKU

After 4 years I needed to upgrade my PC. I ordered a Threadripper 1950x from Amazon and a NZXT Kraken x72 closed loop cooler as part of the upgrade. My order was delivered and I built it. After troubleshooting some RAM issues I got it to POST. Everything was fine until I started putting the boxes away and realized Amazon sent me a 1900x not a 1950x. That is an 8 core, 16 thread and $430 mistake. I contacted Amazon and they were amazing! They agreed to send me the correct chip, allow me to install it and then send the 1900x back.

The question I have is; What am I to do about thermal paste? NZXT coolers come with the thermal paste applied to the block. I can’t just replace the CPU because half of the thermal past will still be stuck to the old chip. I know how to clean it off but what do I need to use to replace the thermal past? I remember back in October of last year when this part was brand new people were complaining about heat issues.


just buy a tube of some, pretty much doesn’t matter what brand as long as it’s nonconductive, clean the stuff off the cooler with denatured alcohol from the hardware store or 91%+ IPA from the drug store, then reapply.


Search for Artic Silver or Noctua thermal paste on Amazon. Should be like $7.

imo grab the graphite pads i’ve been testing with them give or take 2 degrees above normal paste and its reusable!

graphite thermal pad amazon link 9.99$ prime