These are amazing speakers, except for the fact that they auto power down and take a while to turn back on, it is insanely annoying, if it wasn't for that I would love them, does anybody know how to fix that?

They aren't supposed to power down automatically... are you running them off an over packed powerstrip or a laptop or something?

I use the T20 for about 7 years already, never had that issue with it, the only thing I had to do is replace the volume pot some 6 months ago, which is normal wear and tear.

I would think it's a power connector issue. These speakers also have a superior thoroidal trannie in the power supply, which is part of why they sound so great and detailed. The little box on the power cable needs enough cooling, it will shut down if it gets too hot. When you haven't buried the trannie completely though, I would think that it's more of a problem with the power connector, specifically the plug that goes into the speaker.

To the posters above, I don't think they're broken, I believe that's a feature on those speakers.  When they aren't in use for a prolonged period of time they basically go into sleep mode, and wake when they begin getting audio signals again.  I'm not sure you can turn that feature off...  you know, without playin' around with their insides.

Sorry, I got nothin' lol.

Thanks and yeah it's not broken it is a "energy efficient feature" I find it annoying though