Please help pc wont turn on!

I built my first pc, i put in all of the components without a graphics card (still being shipped) and it worked just fine, i just installed my graphics card and it won't turn on, i can even see the bios flashback light on my motherboard but the rest of the pc won't turn on


this is my build



Are any of the case fans, cpu cooler fans or graphics card fans spinning? 

no, they were before i installed the graphics card

take out the video card and see if it starts?

okay will do


it still won't turn on

This happens to everyone!!!   Flip the switch on the power supply....  Just trust me.

I was just about to suggest you do that, if that doesnt work. I would make sure every cord is still connected

flip the switch then what?

I'm sorry if sound stupid I'm new to the whole pc gaming/hardware world


Flip the switch then turn it on lol

nothing. someone told me to rest my CMOS

that could work also

What troubleshooting have you done?

I've done flipping the switch, CMOS, and now I'm testing my power supply with a multimeter

you realize that unless you jump correct pins your psu will do nothing. take it to a pc repair shop besides anything really big like bestbuy (because geek squad is a scam) that gives free quotes and they will most likely help you

i don't want to do that. i don't want to waste my money on that unless i truly have to. and also because want to learn how to fix issues like this incase of future problems. 

have you turned of the psu while plugging in the graphics card?

if not try to turn it of, wait for like 10seconds or so, turn it on again and then hit the power button.

have you connected the pci-e power connectors to the graphics card?


i don't think its the graphics card. i do it with out the graphics card and still nothing, the fans don't even turn on. the only this that is on is the green light on the motherboard when i ply in the power supply cable

One time I accidentally plugged a fan cable into my cmos clear thing and my pc would not start up.

i checked mine. its not that. the really weird thing is that i put my build together last week without the graphics card. and it ran smoothly, fans and all. and then i put my graphics card in today and it doesn't want to do anything