Please help! microphone not working!

I recently built a new pc. My first pc build. Every time I plug any headphones into my microphone jack on my case or even the one on my keyboard (razer blackwidow) it reads picks it up for a split second then just stops working, like it wont pick up any audio. I've used multiple headphones, so i know it has to do something with my pc. I've also updated all of my drivers and downloaded realtek and still nothing.

Please someone help! I'm new to the pc world so I have no idea what to do or how to fix it. 


Have you tried setting it as default device? Can set it as default by right clicking on sound icon, click on playback devices, and right click on whatever headset is listed as and click on "set as default comminacation device". I doubt you would need drivers for it, windows should pick it up and use drivers by default, but worth a shot if the other method doesn't do anything.

It is set to default. The odd thing is, when i plug it in, the bar will shoot up green, as if i recognized it or I'm talking,  then just drop and not work. It happens with every headset.

When you are under the playback tab does windows/greenbar do anything?"

yes, for audio thats being played, like music or a video. 

Pretty sure the problem is that you are plugging a 4 pole plug in a 3 pole jack, and you are expecting that the mic works like that. 

You need an adapter like this:

With that you can plug the mic in it's respective jack.  Those phone headsets are not compatible with most PCs (Although a few laptops do have the combined headphone/mic jack), so you need to use the adapter.

Thank you!