Please help me guys i have tried everything

Hey all thanks for opening this thread i need help. First here is my computer and its specs...
Computer: Lenovo Y570

Ram: 8 GB

OS: Windows 7 64bit ultimate

Onboard card: Intel HD 3000

Dedicated: Nvidia Gforce 555m

Driver Version: 314.07

So the problem is recently my frame rate has dropped to unplayable levels on certain games like TERA even LoL on high settings. I have tried setting my battery settings max, prioritizing my nVidia for all games, a cooling pad in case of over heating, and rolling back my drivers. Honestly im at my wits end here. I have read that the Optimus has been a nightmare for some games and im just about read to say screw it and pass my 2 year old laptop on to my mother and get the new Lenovo Y510.

Its most probably the case that something has caused your graphics card to run in a lower P-state or not at all 9thus running on integrated graphics). I'd download furmark as the included tools (GPU Z and GPU shark) will allow you to monitor what is actually going on, including the P-state of the GPU. I'd recommend running GPU Shark for a while (say 2mins) then stressing the GPU with furmark, if the P-state does not go to max or the actual clocks don't close to match those stated in the current P-State then you have identified your problem. CPUID HWMonitor is another great tool for monitoring across the board temperatures if you still believe that may be the case.

I know its not the worlds most helpful suggestion but before you give up on the laptop do a clean reinstall, this may just fix the problem entirely and thus save you some money. I hope you work the problem out and it turns out to be something simple.