Please help me find parts for GTA 5 PC

I am Finnally ready to buy/build a pc, but i need some help putting together one. I am trying to build one that can play gta 5 well with some mods, i had a gtx 970 in mind but idk what else to get. I dont want overkill, just something that can play gta at somewhat high settings and get decent frame rates (60fpsish), i wont be going hard on mods, just some now and then to mess around with. Thanks for any and all help, i am no where near an expert at this so all help is appreciated

GTA5 is a pretty intense game hardware wise and will scale well with both gpu and cpu.
For anyone to help though we need a budget and to know any components you already have(including monitor).

Would be nice if you could give some kind of a target budget,
so that we could advice you some builds.
About the graphics cards, atm its a bit of an exciting time.
Nvidia just announced their GTX1080 and GTX1070 will follow arround the 10th of June,
and AMD will announce their Polaris lineup soon aswell.
So it might be worth to wait for that as far as the gpu goes.

About $800

I already got monitor/keyboard/mouse covered, just need a pc

What resolution and refresh rate is it?

Also what country are you buying this in?

I think that something like this might be a very good place to start.

thanks, i used your list and changed it up slightly, i do plan on getting and SSD, just not right away. Do you think this should run gta v pretty well at decent settings? (like 1080p)

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I've been playing GTAV recently on a 270X 1440p at 40 fps it actually does really well so with that said something like a 380 should be able to Max 1080p

That should be fine, unless if you want to use dynamic super resolution then you will need more VRAM, I currently utilise 6gb on my GPU maxed 1440p with scaling on

I'd recommend waiting for Nvidia's and AMD's new GPUs, because the older ones will drop in price after that. If you can wait a little longer, wait for Zen too, but I don't think that will be necessary. You will do just fine with a good i5 xxxx(k) - (oc'ing is always fun^^).

If you truly need/want to buy a new PC now, you should purchase a 390 or 380(x), because with mods I assume GTA5 is going to need more vram. Furthermore, havin more vram makes your GPU future-proof (Remember, consoles could theoretically use up to 8gb vram). Just be sure to grab a fitting and good PSU.

8GB RAM should be sufficient as well, but if you want to to other things while gaming, a little more won't hurt.

Finally, an SSD is always nice to have and since they become cheaper and cheaper, try grabbing a discounted SSD. (Afaik Amazon has them often discounted as daily deals)


I don't know if Witcher 3's performance can be compared to GTA5, but I'm running W3 with everything on high/ultra + texture mods (w/o hairworks) with 45-75 fps. (fps drops in cities to 45-50, therefore I assume the CPU is limitting).

i5 2500k @4,3GHz
MSI 390

Looks good to me. ☺

thanks for the help everyone, this is the one i will go with i plan on getting a good SSD a little after to use to boot up my pc way faster, i just want to stay within my budget for now.

one last thing, do you think it would be better to spend the extra $30-40 on a 390 so i have more vram? if it would be a big improvment for gta 5 ill go ahead and do that but if its just a tiny improvement then i dont think i will

Well it depends a bit, you could look up some GTX970 vs 390 compairissons and focus mainly on GTA5.
The 390 is better in some games, other games favor the GTX970.
It realy depends from game to game.
But overall they are still pretty close.

One thing you should consider - If I haven't made it obvious. I prefer AMD to Nvidia, because of better firm policies (Nvidia, for example lies to its customers). But in the end it is your decision to make and I don't want to push you in any direction. I think @MisteryAngel is spot on^^

Edit 1: According to this site GTA5 needs around 4GiB VRAM - but consider that a GTX970 only has 3,5GiB that it can access rapidly, the remaining 512GiB are accessed rather slowly.

Edit 2: That being said, I measured 6,5GiB VRAM usage in Shadow of Mordor, whilte this
site measured 4,7 and around 5GiB (I think) in W3 with mods, while again, this
site measured 2)