Please Help Me :__(

Hey Guys I Need ur Help...I Got My pc yesterday and i plugged it in.1st thing i did i opened Call of Duty 4(Moment of truth Finally some decent FPS)And while i was in the Game My pc suddenly shuts down ;/ .When i opened it again it said

Hardware Monitor Abnormal : NB Over Temperature

NB?I suppose thats NorthBridge..I have an asus striker 2 formula 780i can someone help me?Ive been saving money for this computer for over a year and when i get my hands on it this happends?Reply :__(


First of all have you done any changes in the bios towards voltages even by accident? Worst comes to worst if you havent changed anything in the bios the it could just be a board with a bad NB. Might have to rma it and get a new one.

Well i didnt do anything to it but i think the technician oced my cpu @ 2.9 its a Q6700

Try reseting the BIOS.

i mean your going to get great frames in cod4 even wihtout overclocking our cpu

true true :>

I would say RMA the board, then if the problem persist with the new one see if you can find someone else that owns one and try to fix the problem. If the NB is overheating Either it really is getting too hot or something else is wrong, like maybe the sensor is broken in the chip and the computer thinks its too hot and in the process shutting itself off.

ive heard alot of problems with the asus striker 2, but i gess its to late to tell u that, but yeah, just reset your bios, check if the NB is overheating cuz some exaust fan in ur case is blowing all the warm air towards ur north bridge.

Ok guys im gonna try this today and hopefully ill be able to game.Its been like 4days without games *_*


ty dude its nice 2 c that some ppl r actually helping meh :)