PLEASE HELP. Just tried my first build

.. here are the details:

Asus z87-PLUS
Intel i5-4670
Samsung 840 series 256GB SSD
Seagate 2TB HDD
G Skill Sniper Memory (2x8)
Rosewill 750w 80+Gold PSU
GeForce GTX 760 4GB
Cooler Master T4 heatsink
LG DVD r/rw

Okay. So, I installed everything, and then realized I didn't know where to plug in the BIOS speaker. So I left it off, mounted everything in the case (a carbide 540 air), and turned it on.

Everything fired up, the video card and the fans all turned on, the component LED's on the motherboard all flashed once... except the boot device led. The whole system turns itself off after about five seconds, then reboots, and all the lights flash... except the boot device. Stays solid. Also, no video. It seems to be outputting SOMETHING, as the HDTV I have goes from the "no input" screen to just black.

From what I can glean out of the manual for the motherboard, when a component led stays lit, it means there's something wrong with it. So I guess I know it's either not booting from the right place, or maybe one of my drives is miswired/defective... but I don't have the damn BIOS speaker to tell me. So I'm not sure how to proceed.

Any advice, oh gurus of the Tom's Hardware forum??

Sorry. Heh. I copied that from another forum I'm in, because I didn't wanna type it all in. they're kind of snooty over at Tom's tonight.

Well assuming the you have installed the mb with all the correct standoffs in with no extra standoffs shorting out the mb.( Done that one myself.) You might try booting with just your ssd. I would go through all connections make sure everything is connected correctly.

do i have to use another computer to put my OS on the SSD? And, here in a few minutes I'm about to go pull it all apart and reconnect it bit by bit. Also, thanks for the hookup on the manual page. Kept looking right at it without knowing what I was seeing.

I feel so out of my league, but I've been wanting to do this since I was a kid. I'll let you all know how your suggestions pan out.

Thanks SO MUCH.

No sorry, force of habit. Just try booting with the ssd.