Please Help...Is this Laptop good for Gaming?

Is this Lap-Top good For Minecraft and sony vegas Pro 11??



You won't be able to do much, Minecraft on Medium/Low settings would be fine but nothing fancy. Vegas would be fine, but again, nothing fancy.

Here's the Notebook Check for the Graphics Card In it: Towards the bottom are the benchmarks for some games you can see how low the FPS is on Medium even.

incase you missed it

I saw it and im probably going to get this one! Do you think that keyboard would be awkward playing minecraft? like arrows and WASD.... I know i could just plug another one in but for now....


no it should be fine, HP is really bad about awkward keys, this one laptop it was damn near impossible for me to type because they had an aditional macro collum all the way to the right, a calculator macro was right where the CTRL key should be

Ok Thanks!!

Would This Be Better??

lolno, before I even get to the laptop itself let me tell you something about best buy, NO!  they are overprice and I knew more than their employees back when I was a noob in highschool, they also fire people if they don't keep up with credit card sign up qoutas, they're number 3 on my evil corporations list

also that laptop is a quite bit slower than the one I posted, .3Ghz slower clock and lacks hyper threading and AVX instruction sets along with a few other things that mean its not very good at video editing, also its iGPU isn't as good

Ok im going with the Acer..Thanks Again for all the Help!

no problem, anytime, well preferable before 2:30am eastern and after 12 eastern, I got to get sleep and do chores or else I'm going to be homeless lol