Please help identify old ARG game


I figured you guys would be able to help me out more than anyone else, so here goes.

As my step-dad was driving me home from christmas, we were talking about old internet stuff (he’s used computers since the 80’s and has a degree in hardware maintainence, so he knows his stuff)

We got onto the topic of ARGs and I was telling him about the old BEN DROWNED ARG. He began telling me about one he used to play a while ago and always wanted to find it again and relive some old memories. I have sparse details so this is a long shot.

This one occurred around 1998, and he called it hacker pyramid (might not be the name) and he explained it as each layer of the pyramid had a certain puzzle you had to complete to advance.

He explained one of the first steps had a clue: “sesame street” and the solution was to clear your browsers cookies, and then visit the sesame street website. then open the cookie from that website was opened, it gave you a clue to the next step.

I do apologise for the lack of details, but if anyone has any information, please post it here.