Please help, i cant even use my pc

Hi guys, i have been looking for a solition everywhere but cant find one, can you help?

i have a sony vaio all in one (vgc-js110j), i know its nothing special but i like it and thats what matters. Everytime i start it up and click my profile it brings me to a white screen with a message  asking me to select a capture device  giving me the option between the built in sony camera and manycam, no matter which one i pick it takes me to a blank white screen. one time i was able to get to my desktop by pressing CTRL+ALT+DLT   and opening task manager then open a program and log out then immeditaly canceling the log out, once i got in i deleted manycam suspecting it was the source of the issue, but now it just goes to a blank white screen every time i log in and i cant even open task manager. I have tried to re-install windows but cant get it to boot from disk. By the way im on vista. 

please help if you can, i love the show and thank you for you time. 


While your computer is booting press F8 until you see an advanced boot menu then boot into safe mode and let us know if that works.

I have tried that, but it does the same thing except its in lower resolution. 

Do you have another computer that you could remove that hard drive from and place it into? Or better yet follow some instructins on and burn a bootable CD onto?

What you have is a type of the "FBI virus"  Disconnect it from the network complete asap as well.


i dont have another computer. 

But by bootable cd do you mean like a bootable os disk. 

Somewhat, but in this case you need one that is comprehensive and has antivirus software that you can utilize in addition to a mini OS (I use hirens boot CD,) do you have any buddies you can get to burn a disk for you?

Yes i do i can get one burnt tommorow, but another problem is this sony is differnt than any other pc i have ever owned i have looked every where and cant find a boot from disk option, what can i do about that?

It's not in the BIOS?

No thats the first place i looked and i have looked all over the place on the internet for answers and nothing has come up. 

In the bios at the top there shuold be a tab called boot. Under that tab should be the boot options where you can select the boot priority. Select the dvd drive as first priority.