Please help i cannot get into my BIOS!

So i have recently finished building my PC and when i turned it on al of the fans spun up and all of the lights went on except it said A2 on the error indicator this means IDE detect. ( I own a maximus 6 hero). Seeing nothing on my monitor still (i have SLI 760s connected via HDMI) i unplugged the SSD (64 gb adata sx900) and booted with my HDD (wd 1tb black) only. The indicator changed from A2 to A3 or IDE initialization.

Please help i do not know where to go from here!


Never had this problem, but my first response would be to check if the SSD was connected to the sata 1 port and the IDE connected to its first port aswell. I got no idea what level of intelligence you are at when it comes to building computers so sorry if my comment feels like I'm underestimating you, but if you don't know: there usually are small texts on the motherboard indicating what port you connected to.

Take out both GPU´s  try the onboard video port on the mobo. and look if it shows a screen then. if so, then try  1 gpu, and try again. if that also works, take that gpu out, and try the other one. if that also works. then try the sli setup, if that doesn´t work, then there could be a problem with one of the pci-e slots. If you dont get a screen at all, with a single GPU, only on the onboard video port, then it could be that you have to disable the onboard video port in the bios first, i dont think thats the case, but it could be.

i think it has nothing to do with you HDD or SSD. because even without a  drive it should show the bios post. In my opinnion it has something to do with the SLi setup. if im right on asus rog boards, wenn problems with a pci-e slot, or gpu, you get the same kind of error.

grtz Angel ☺

newest BIOS Version?

Changing Sata-ports?

Also, try each of the GPUs in both of the PCIe x16 lanes. Check to see if they aren't dead.

Things I would do in this order:

  • Check that everything is wired properly.
  • make sure you CPU cooler is mounted properly,
  • Take out one of the GPUs and see if one of them are dead.
  • If they are dead, use the onboard video.
  • make sure the RAM is all the way in and try messing with the configuration of the RAM in the dim slots