PLEASE HELP! gpu boot problem

Ive recently built a pc and have been using it since december but all of a sudden this morning it wouldn't boot. I have figured out the problem but need a solution.  the pc boots when I push on the gpu with a little force. I laid my pc on its side and reinstalled my gpu and it booted on its side but once I stand it up the pc wont boot. I have a msi 990fxa-gd65  motherboard and a galaxy gtx770. I have taken out the gpu and put it back in several times to get it to work. I would like my gpu to set correctly when my pc is facing up. ps: I have a cooler master HAF 912 case. please help me

has the gpu been screwed into the PCI slot correctly?

yes I have screwed in the gpu bracket properly

hmm, maybe you could try gently dusting the contacts with a microfibre cloth?

the problem is it wont set correctly into the pci express slot by like a millimeter I think it may be that there is a metal piece on my motherboard that is kind of close on the gpu but it was fine yesterday why would it randomly unset itself?

that square thing next to the pci express slot is really close but my gpu was working fine for weeks?

Don't force is around too much by pushing it. Take out your GPU and try is elsewhere, this is probably a motherboard issue. If it is the motherboard, try a different PCI-E slot. If it's the board, RMA it. Check the Pins in the PCI-E slot for defects.

Use the other slot for testing, see if it'll boot.

I cant put it in the other pci e slot because it is too close to my powersupply and I have a case fan wire and header wires right next to where the gpu fans would be an dit would have no room for air!

You may not have a choice. Try it in there and check the temps.