Please Help - Boot Issue

My PC (built on my own) was having issues as of late. Specifically, over the last week, both monitors would randomly turn white, and a static sound would come out of the external speakers. At this point, the PC itself would continue running, with fans and LEDs operating as they normally do, but the screens would remain white. Decided to try operating the PC with one stick of RAM in at a time - I use the Avexir Core 8GB which features "breathing" LEDs. With one stick in, the PC would work but then crash. With the other stick in it would not operate. However, neither of them will "turn on (LED-wise)" in any slot now and I worry that the issue is deeper than a dead stick of RAM. Upon booting up my PC, it will start up momentarily, shut off and then boot up again. Since this issue occurred, I ordered new RAM temporarily- Corsair Vengeance 8GB - to test if it is a RAM issue. Upon installing the new RAM, I have noticed that almost nothing has changed regarding my issue. Upon pressing the power button, the LEDs (NZXT Hue) and fans still turn on momentarily, turn off, and then on again, my monitors still receive no signal - and the PC will repeat this process continuously, crashing, and booting up again automatically. Let me know if I can describe anything in more detail. Please help!!


Case - NZXT Phantom 630

 Processor - Intel Core i5-4670K

 Motherboard - ASRock Z97 Pro3

 Memory - Avexir Core 8GB

 Graphics Card - MSI Radeon R9 280 3GB

 Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB

 SSD - Samsung 840 EVO 250GB

Power Supply - NZXT HALE82 v2 700W

CPU Cooler - Corsair Hydro H75



i would go mobo first and then psu dont put that new ram on that board it sounds like a bad idea. Also make sure your cooler is functioning properly and not leaking.

It sounds like you've got a bad motherboard. If you've tested two different kits of RAM and you're still seeing instability then your mobo has to go

^^^^^ agree ^^75 to 80% chance its mobo ^^^  but as kevinheinrich said check that water pump off the rig and under load 

15 to 20 % chance the PSU took it all out