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Please do a review of Supermicro IPMI

I am looking at building a new Proxmox server for running VMs and LXCs. I am looking at the Supermicro MBDH11SSL-I. My top priorities are lots of RAM, IPMI and AMD. I have only used Dell Drac and HP iLO.

I would really like to see a review of the features in the Supermicro IPMI.

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Tho, from what I understand Supermicro is using the same IPMI Implementation as Asrock is on their Asrock Rack boards, so you can take a look at those as well.

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Depends on the generation but this is correct. Aspeed is similar everywhere

It includes an html portal, power control, java ikvm, a serial console, remote iso mounting and some hardware monitoring. Newer hardware includes bios updating and html5 ikvm (instead of just java).

The Linux version of IPMIView works on Macs.

Is there also HTML5 KVM like on current ASRock Rack boards so you don’t have to use Java on the client?

Not sure about asrock. I believe html5 started with X10 supermicro boards, but my sample size is limited.

It’s definitely nice to have though. If you do have to use java, either get ipmiview or use javaws to open an individual session.

I recommend keeping the ipmi interfaces on a dedicated vlan with no internet access whatsoever.