Please check build. Tell me why I'm an idiot

Also, try not to get jealous of my astonishing paint skills.

whats your budget if your willing to spend that much on a pc you should be able to afford a better GPU

Using the 980 from my tower. Upgrading that one... so technically not buying that graphics card. Just showing for reference.

its not to bad then but i would get a better PSU the cx ones arent the best quality

Agreed. Was originally thinking HXi 750i, but I'm afraid there are clearance issues. Could you recommend something?

PSU bay is 180mm deep. Figured I could get away with around 160-165mm for cable routing look at this one fully mod and i dont think you need 750W for a 980 and a i7 4790k

I'd rather play it safe with a 750w+ because I plan on overclocking the hell out of both the CPU and GPU, seeing as how I'm spending the money on the custom WC loop. Plus my microphone, keyboard, and mouse are fairly power hungry. I prefer Corsair, because I've never had a problem with any PSU I've had from them, but by no means does that mean I wouldn't consider a different brand. Just don't know anything about other brands. would work?

Was more worried about the WC side of things. Got the hardware game locked down. Not my first rodeo; just my first water-cooled rodeo.

Put this list together as well, because I was curious what I could do with an AMD. 350D is probably too big for how portable I want it though. Shame there is no mini-itx AM3+. Wish I had a shrink ray for my 900D so I could take it places :x