Playstation Network LAN Cache Server

I’ve heard of the steam/origin/windows update/etc local cache servers, but I was wondering if there was such a thing for Sony Playstation. I currently have a cousin who lives in the sticks (like, way out there) and the best he can get is cellular internet. I was wondering if there was a software solution using nginx that could access the PSNs servers and work as a superfast cache.

I know this is a possibility, and technically, (I think) has actually been done. I just don’t know enough about things currently and was wondering about advice.

What are your thoughts?

I am not sure what having a cache would help?

A cache only starts to speed things up the second time a piece of data is being downloaded.

It would not help with online gameplay since it constantly different data being downloaded. It would not help with downloading games unless games were downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded. That is all I can think of that uses the PSN servers specifically.

I think it would more efficient to just buy an external drive if the system is running out of space rather than have a system on all the time to cache game downloads.

Exactly. My objective is to be able to act as a transparent proxy to be effectively seamless. I also want to be able to serve multiple clients simultaneously, ie, a LAN party. Data is a precious thing when it goes over the air.

Ah, I assumed a single system.

Go ahead and try it, I haven’t set up a cache like this so I don’t have any specific advice to give.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try to get one running.
Topic update to come soon! (hopefully)

Right. Down to business.

I feel your pain. However, I’m about 90% sure that’s not simple https:get traffic but proprietary encrypted traffic that won’t cache. convince your friend to visit you first and bring ps4. update on fast internet. Then return to the styx.