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PlayStation 5 Event - June 11

PCs still hold the advantage you can get around stupid dev targets of 30fps. Just buy a more powerful GPU.

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The internet just doesn’t know what they want…
When you people get a PS3 design - Ugh, it’s too big.
When you get an XBOX 1 design - ugh it’s too boxy
When you get an XBOX SX design - ugh, it’s just an ITX case
When you get a PS5 design - ugh it’s too sleek and streamlined…

We don’t need physical media, we have digital…
What is this digital garbage? I want my CDs…

I for one quite like the digital design if nothing else because of the symmetry. The BR drive really bulks up one side and ruins the sleek lines.

You nailed it my friend at 30 FPS.

What PC gaming site or tech tuber is benchmarking 30 FPS at any timing vs resolution.

Consoles do

as per my friend Zefrank keeping it real.

So do any of you guys think PS5 will temporarily outperform PCs at launch plus a few months until they optimize code?

Not if you have Big Navi. Big Navi is supposed to launch this year.

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That’s a vague question.
A PC for the same price? Yeah.
A high-end gaming PC? No way.

The hardware of a console is outdated the moment it launches. You can’t upgrade it, so for years to come you’re stuck with the same hardware and can only rely on devs optimizing the software.

The UE5 tech demo ran at 1440p 30fps. Come on, not even 60fps?
The Verge mentioned that “The PS5 will also support 8K graphics, 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate, and 3D audio.” but that’s only for the specs. The question is if it will ever be able to run games at 4K 120fps. I doubt it. Even 4K 60fps. Probably in pre-rendered scenes but not actual gameplay.


Nope… My guess is AMD will release Big navi or whatever and will match and outperform them and then Nvidia will release 3080Ti and will say their classic garbage of “Look how our 1200$ GPU outperforms a 500$ gaming console” and the world will suck the Nvidia dick…

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The whole console can not use to much power cpu / gpu. Call it 350 W

A CPU with a 5700XT is faster cause power.

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In what? Games that are hardware optimized on consoles and have to deal with directX or whatever on PC? The whole performance discussion is completely pointless.

The main thing is a change in game design because the baseline will get a good bump and spinning rust isn’t the standard anymore.


Yeah, that’s pretty much my choice here. The PS2 will be for a title that is a collection of games that can run on the PS2. Now just to acquire the other games on my wishlist & the remaining consoles… :smiley: I’d like to thank you both for the additional input you provided!

What do you think?

I think you’re in the wrong topic. :grin:

I have high hopes for the PS5 cooling. I just “fixed” my PS4 Pro … and it’s still louder than it would need to be.

most of the rural population and 3rd world countries love the option of being able to buy non digital version of these becos of no fiber or broadband but only costly mobile data.

I hope it will be decent, the Xbox seems to have excellent cooling, although I’m probably getting the PS5 either way.

Same, I still have PS4 games I would like to carry over. That and the used market is gonna be why I’m aiming for the full version with optical drive.

I will let you know, SIR my internet is faster and cheaper, SIR than many first world western countries… SIR… SIR I will let you know SIR…

Really, I don’t have an optical drive in my system since pretty much 2013. I understand some people still enjoy physical media and stuff, like I used to chase audio CDs because of the cover art and stuff, but honestly no. Even today some companies include downloaders on the CDs and not the game itself. People have to download 50-60gig patches day one and I heard somewhere the new COD will be 170GB of game… How much do you think the day one patch will be on that one?

If you don’t have an optical drive? I’d say around 170GB. :grin:
I just got PSplus for a month, mainly to download old savegames. Got Battlefront II with that and that download was 115GB already. Other games, even with content heavy patches rarely hit between 10 and 20GB. So there is still a lot of data being used from the discs.

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What annoys me, being in a 3rd world country, is that I still have to download gigabytes worth of first run updates, despite having the disk


Its not just rural third world countries. Even in some of the major countries in the world people are screwed with no fiber OR even worse they have data caps. I live in the middle of a large metro area and I have 1TB data cap on my connection. Its absolutely BS. Hell Im even subscribed to the Largest Cable ISP in the US. Sadly they are the only wired broadband option, my only other option is to try out TMobile’s 4G home internet that they claim is “Unlimited” but I think they would have issues if I start pulling down Terabytes of data. The last few months our ISP suspended the data cap due to the whole end of the world. We used 1.1TB of data last month. It could have been more.