PlayStation 5 Event - June 11

Stream is gonna start in about 20 minutes from this post.


OK, Ratchet & Clank, Demon Souls, Oddworld and Horizon look great. RE Village… I don’t know yet. Overall I would have liked a few more titles and apart from Horizon there is no must have in the line-up so far.

Ah nice, 2011 router design.


I’m interested to see the difference in price between the full version and the digital edition.

probably a 100 usd

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digital only version makes me worry that games wont even be on disks and we’ll yet again have to download the rest of the game if not the entire game with or without a disk.


I actually like the design.

Yeah, I must say I don’t know which way I would go. It really depends if it makes a difference on the game side … and I doubt that.

janky on its side

Then … don’t put it on it’s side. :stuck_out_tongue:


Conspiracy time: They made the physical media version ugly and cumbersome to dissuade people from considering it as an option and justify killing physical media entirely because “the market is just too small”.

To me it looks like a drive to play movies, not games.

ehh both on their sides look pretty jank, and both standing up still look decent

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It’ll look better in black, I think. It’s probably only in white to show off its profile on video.

idk if black would hide the “left my paper in the rain and its curled up after being in the sun” effect

But just stream your movies…?

Regardless, there’s no reason that a slim drive needs a cancerous bulge to inhabit on a chassis that large. Intentionally ugly. 15 years of optical drives in thin laptops makes that painfully obvious.

tbh it would have looked fine if they didnt add the curve design to go inwards after the disc slot

I’m not buying 4k BDs anyway. I buy normal BDs and throw movies on the NAS. Everything else gets streamed from the usual services.

Console video reveal

I need more hardware details and a price :smiley:

PlayStation is probably my favourite console (not including the switch)

That white is gonna look so horrible within days specially on the controller… Ick… :frowning:

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