Playstation 4K? Is it real?

Chatting to a friend who mentioned about the PlayStation being 4K capable, I'm not convinced however after searching Google I stumbled across a soon to be released ps4 edition or more of a rehash that's supposed to be 4K capable? My roommate has a 4K tv so it would be pretty good to get hold of one as its 4K Ness is being wasted at the moment.

First how on earth have Sony/AMD (assuming they still provide the chips the ps4 uses) pulled it off or is it just more PR bull?

Tldr PS4 can't do it, a new version of it might

Well I'm sure it could output to 4k given it's hardware, but rendering games at 4k ain't happening, maybe some indie games that don't take any real power to run could be done at 4k.

Maybe the next gen consoles could do some 4k gaming, but they'd be pretty expensive unless they're coming about a year and a half from now and are running Zen APUs with HBM on die

That's what I was thinking, though a wider adoption of 4K as a resolution particularly for consoles is a good thing as currently it's hard to justify the cost / gain of gaming at 4K.

Otherwise it will be done wrong, or be ludicrously expensive and I'll have a 1080p monitor for ever

Naw 4k isn't too much about gaming, at least for now, it's more about productivity, as you can fit just a ton no the display with a 40" 4k dislpay.

Although there is at least one compelling 27" 4k IPS free-sync display that's only around $500

the ps4 cannot read 4k blu rays because the optical drive cannot read the new dual layer blu ray discs.

There's only like 1 or 2 blu ray players on the market that can output 4k, and it's difficult to acquire one, since they're sold out.

What you're most likely reading about is a PS4 with a new optical drive, or (if usb 3) has enough data transfer speed, to create an external peripheral optical drive, to play the new uhd 4k blu rays.

I know this because I bought the martian on 4k... still can't watch it on my 4k tv yet :(.

Could always just download it off of somewhere unless you have bandwidth caps to worry about

Not really. a 4k blu ray takes upwards of 60 gigabytes. The 4k you get through streaming is the same bit rate as 1080p uncompressed blu rays.

You cannot get true 4k blu ray quality through streaming, with the way our internet infrastructure is right now.

i didn't say stream though, I'm sure someone, somewhere has uploaded a rip of it

hahaha yeah... I'm sure there's probably torrents of uncompressed blu rays, but they are probably few and far between, because nobody wants to seed a 60gb file, or waste their hard drive space, for 1 blu ray. ( which is why I buy them, since they're $10 or less, and electron stable)

The problem would be the initial upload and getting the torrent started, because you have to seed 60+gb and rely on that other person to also keep seeding. It'd be a pain in the a$$.

Like my logic is, if you like the movie, buy it.

Otherwise, everyone who torrents a 1.2 - 3gb movie, is 1. stealing, and 2. wasting their money on their big tv and sound system, and then their time.

Wasting their money because they are watching it on this big beautiful TV and it's not true 1080p, and the sound is crap comparatively, and you are doing yourself and everyone else a disservice, when all you need to do is spend $10 - $15.