Playstation 4 256 bit bus GDDR5 better for game development?

Mark Cerny the lead architect for the PS4 explains here that the use of 256 bit bus GDDR5 with 176 GB/s bandwidth is better than the 128 bit GDDR5 + eDRAM combination that is capable of 1TB/s of theoretical bandwidth. Do you think that the choice of using the simpler architecture is going to be the smarter move in the long run? What are the advantages and disadvantages for both types of memory architecture?

I dont care its out of date before its even out sub 1080p gameing and 30fps gameing the next gen is a running joke.

I have no clue why the next consoles are even using unified memory. Just like cooperman said, if they can't run 1080p at 30 FPS on a streamlined console, that's just lazy development.

Mark Cerny says in that presentation that they went to a lot of third parties and asked them what should Sony do with their new console. They all wanted unified memory. John Carmack also says in his QuakeCon keynote that unified memory is the way to go and eventually graphics cards with a separate memory will die out. So I'm inclined to believe that when it comes to game development, unified memory with simple x86-64 architecture is the best way to go.
And yes, I agree that the new consoles are too under powered. I expected something among the lines of a 3 TFLOP GPU with 8 cores that are 3 or more GHz... but... whatever. Developers will still manage to do miracles.

i thought i would ask this here. (not looking for an x1 vs ps4 war, just an answer) 

Also taking into account the the cpu/gpu stats of the xbox one and ps4, will the will we see a distinct difference between x1 and ps4 graphics because of the DDR3(xbox) vs GDDR5 + hUMA(PS4) ?

i couldn't find any official statements regarding both platforms memory partition for OS vs Games, (i thought i remember reading the xbox had 3 for multi OS, 5 for games, and PS4 had 1 for OS and 7 for games, but nothing official) so lets just pretend they have equal amounts.

I read the title as Pentium 4, not Playstation 4. This thread was really confusing until I figured out my mistake.