Playstation 2 to USB Adapter Recommendations

Just wondering what you can recommend for a Playstation 2 to USB adapter for emulators.


i use the top one and i have usb modded one of my controllers

i recommend the mayflash if you need weird adapters like multitap usb adapters

its HARD af to find the ps2 memory card to usb adapters for emus

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i own that blue one paid like $6 or something. shows 2 generic joysticks or gamepads for windows 7-10, cant figure out rumble support but i didnt dig deep



dualshock I think you mean

bought the first one
will see how it works (hopefully… maybe… )

Finally got the first one in the mail.
Hoping to test it soon.
The adapter gets recognized as a PS3 controller.

Okay, so I finally got a controller to test it with, but it’s not detecting my controller in the games PS1 and PS2. My other controller does work, so it’s something to do with the controller or software or something else. Any help?

So it’s detecting your controller in Windows and it can see the button presses in the controller window in Windows’ settings?

Can you use it in any non-emulated controller supporting games (especially DirectInput games)?

If so for either of those then you might just need to manually configure the controller in the emulation software.

Also I’m curious why you want to use an adapter instead of moving towards a PS4 controller? The general layout has stayed the same since PS2 but I find it way more comfortable to use.

Guitar Hero controller + PS2 controllers
I want to make use out of what I already have



Okay, so I got it to map out in the PS1 emulator.
I’ve never done it for PS2 before (as far as I’m aware anyway). It’s just been plug and play with this PS3 Afterglow controller I’ve got for a while. So it looks like I need some more experience in this section. Regardless, when I touched a button when doing the usual mapping in the PS1 emulator, it looks to have registered a change.

For the PS2 side of things maybe I won’t need to go any further with this? I’m not sure. I have to have a look. Right now I still need to verify that the controller will work fully in the PS1 emulator.

I guess I just need some help getting the PS2 emulator mapping for this controller. I’ve never done this before for PS2, only PS1. Everything is so complicated.

Okay so it looks like it’s detected in the PS2 settings, but getting it mapped out looks like it’s going to be a headache.

Edit - Nvm! just had to uncheck (XInput (Xbox360 controllers only))
From there go to the Pad1 tab
then map accordingly by pressing the buttons for each