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Playing with old Phenom 9850 & OC

Just playing around with building some old hardware based on the Phenom AM2+ Platform.

Graphics cards used are 2x Sapphire X1950 GT in Crossfire
Mainboard is a Gigabyte MA-790FX-DQ6
Ram is 4x2GB (8GB Total) of G.Skill DDR2-1066 running 5-5-5-15-28 timings.

So here’s a Phenom 9850 Black Edition clocked at the mythical 3.3Ghz.
Usually just getting 3.1GHz is a challenge, but not with this one.

Settings used:

Here’s a single card (non-crossfire) based 3dmark06 score. I’m sure phones can beat this nowadays :smiley:

Here it is overclocked:

But hey #1 valid result for this CPU + GPU combo

And here’s the crossfire result:

Here’s a comparison of Running 3dmark 06 with Ganged and Unganged DDR2-1066 memory.

Stock CPU clock for comparison, also shows the rest of sys info:

CPU Performance takes a chunky 10% hit running in ganged mode.

  • Single core perf is supposed to be faster in ganged mode (running both IMC’s as one 128bit controller)
  • Multi core perf is supposed to be faster in unganged mode (running IMC’s interleaved as 2x64bit controllers)

In 3dmark at least un ganged is just faster every time.

And lastly here’s Cinebench scores.

Not bad really.

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Nice to see one of these old things still going.

My notebook actually has the same score in CB15 :confused:

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With a bit of Tuning I can now beat a Stock Core 2 Quad Q9550 by a mere 5 points. Also shows the Single core performance and how well this CPU scales in multicore.

I got my hardware collection benched in CB15, can’t get CB20 running on my Athlon 3800+ (allthough that may have to do with WinVista more than the CPU)

CB20 only needs SSE3, so Athlon 3800+ should be fine.