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Playing With Numbers (WSL + Ubuntu server + Fedora Linux)

Hello everyone.

Due to the suggestions of the overwhelming majority (see ~3 people), I am making a thread about muh performance!

I decided to run Windows Subsystem for Linux against my build server and my daily workstation. The WSL and Fedora workstations are on the same computer, but the operating systems are installed on different hard drives (both Intel SSD).

The Ubuntu server (admindevlabs) is running on SAS SSD with two Xeon processors. They are OLD, though, so I was more curious to see how WSL compared against Fedora. I am going to try other operating systems when I find time.

This is compiling NodeJS from source.

Early stages

WSL (8700k) on the left, Ubuntu server (x2 Xeon) on the right

Fedora (8700k)


Dual Xeon 5560 (I think) in the server, i7 8700k in the workstation.

I am going to do the Linux kernel later and see what the results are. Node is C++ so I’m curious to see if C has a bigger difference.

Any ideas? You guys want to show off your specs too? Feel free :sunglasses: :penguin:

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What are you trying to show with this exactly?

Windows Subsystem versus native Linux.

I have no way of identifying what’s what here. Are you putting a 5560 against a 8700k? what machine is running what?

I need more labeling bruv

Sorry, I thought the hostname would have given it away. Going to edit.

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I see now. I got confused by the WSL vs Ubuntu Server. I thought you were running the OS on the same hardware thus why they were in the same pic.

I’m a little confused on the methodology but I get you’re not trying to be super scientific here so I’ll keep that to myself.

I might throw my 7700k in the hat later. Which version of nodejs?

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Nah, I don’t know how people normally benchmark these things. If I learn more or want to do a video/write up on it, I’ll get more accurate across same specs. For now, though, just playing around with builds.

Latest, I think it was 12.0.0, but I can check later.

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