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Playing with mycroft


@Heimdallr wanted a thread, so I’ll make one.

So I have a few things I’d love to integrate into my systems. Aside from a better network, I’d like to have mycroft running as another set of hands at my desktop, laptop, or phone (no google) and try to get some DE controls going.

ATM my only real wants are to get it to do window switching. If I can tell it to go to an open app, and open an app, and be able to figure out how to put those together… It’d be neat.

Imagine linux laptops with a mycroft button. That’d be sick.

Some other stuff in idea stages too. Such as, sleeve to go over your plugs in your house so you can see power draw from, say, the fridge, or washer. Then you could even make an API that just sends that the drier is running, and if you do it right you can make it so stupid and rock solid it shouldn’t have any updates. Ever.

IoT would be a lot better if people actually knew how to design shit instead of slapping an apple sticker on it and charging 5billion dollars for a house setup. Maybe mycroft is my stepping stone to making a company, who knows.

Anyways, /thread