Playing runescape on riscv64

I’ve been on a quest lately to get Runescape working on the HiFive Unmatched, and it does actually work out of the box on the Ubuntu version with simply installing openjdk.

The problem is of course, there is no hardware acceleration, so everything is really really slow.

Through some searching I found out that RuneLite ( The client I’m using for Runescape ) uses something called JOGL for hardware acceleration. It is a translation layer for Java to make API Calls with OpenGL.

The Ubuntu package for this via apt is libjogl2-jni or something and when trying to install it on the riscv port of ubuntu, it of course doesnt work.

I never really used debian based distro’s that much but I have gained new respect for apt after all this started. Especially how you can get the source and make deb packages with the tools built in.

So I set out to build the libjogl2-jni targeting the riscv port, aaaand of course there is another dependency which has not been ported.

gluegen2-jni is also a package that’s needed for this to work. So I did the same with it, downloaded the source and tried building it. Aaand it didn’t work

So I began the tidious process of patching all the necessery files while using the examples from the patches that already come with the source from apt. And I actually got it compile and give me a .deb file, which installed successfully!

I have also begun patching libjogl2-jni since I have all the dependencies I need now, though I still have some more patching to do since it’s not compiling properly.

Alas my desire to play runescape on this architecture lives on

Also, if you have any knowledge around this this stuff, because my knowledge of Java is basically non-existant, I would love any help I could get


I find your endeavors impressive! Trying to run a game intended for x86 on RISC-V seems a cool project. I hope you learn all that you need to get the game running.

Good luck!

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I have no knowledge but this is cool as heck… maybe @wendell would be interested in this as well could be some cool content.


Well, it’s java so it should be platform agnostic. Though I won’t know for sure until I have libjogl2-jni compiled. If not I might have to dive into the RuneLite source code as well for it to target riscv… (I really hope not)

Watching wendell playing runescape I can imagine would be pretty amusing :smiley: