Playing arma?dayz with mx5500 mouse?

hay guys i want to play arma and dayz but i have a mx5500 mouse the mouse wheel doesnt click it changes modes to a free spin wheel so i dont think it will work i thought about buying a new mouse but ill have to get a new keyboard because there a combo 

this is the mouse

thanks for the help

That's an MX Revolution.  You can change the way the mouse wheel operates in the setpoint software.  There should be a tab in setpoint dedicated to the mouse wheel, you're looking for 'Logitech SmartShift Technology'.  Disable that, and set the shift mode to manual.  You can then have free spinning or clicking, and shift between them by pressing the scroll wheel.

can u disable the spinning wheel and just have a normal wheel

and also will it click as a button in a game like arma or dayz

Erm.. no.  What you can do is install setpoint 4.8

[] (32-bit)
[] (64-bit)

Then install uber options:


That will let you assign any function to any button on the mouse.  Personally I like to have the side mouse wheel set so that pushing in is middle mouse button, rolling forward is volume up, and rolling back is volume down. 

thanks i might use the side wheel for that thanks alot