Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Started playing Pubg a few days ago and I am curious if anyone would like to play some squad or duo games?

Edit: my steam name is the same as my user name here.

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Add me on steam (and origin) if you want.


You can find me on steam as well, just match the avatars when you look up my name as it will be different on steam

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Glad to see there is a free version coming out. I look forward to playing that. Will any of you be playing the free version at all?

No because we don’t want to run around in cartoon land

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We? I know you won’t be doing it but maybe others will. Let them speak for themselves.

Let me rephrase

No I am not playing the free version, I bought the real one.

Please don’t hijack this thread for a different game.

It isn’t a different game.

Fortnite =/= PUBG

Also can someone link the discord channels for lvl1 and teampgp.


All I heard was that PUBG had a version that was going free. Is Fortnite not based off PUBG?

same engine, UE4, that is all

No, you have been misinformed
Fortnite has launched a free battle royale 100 player pvp version of the game, and even referenced PUBG in their promotions of it which Bluehole are not happy about

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I dont have the one for PGP

@Dalbry91 gib steam info pls, i repoert u

@Spacejamflam @Novasty I sent you guys requests. Ill be on tonight.

I’ll be on in like 30 ~ 40 minutes from now

Y’all are making me want to buy PUBG…

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hey spacejamflam I sent you a friend request on steam anyone elase who wants to play pubg feel free to add me

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