Play games in Windows on Linux! PCI passthrough quick guide

The 380 had the reset bug as well, that's one reason I got the fury. I'd heard that the fury didn't suffer from this ailment.

Sorry, I didn't realize it was any other than the Fury line. I guess passthrough the 970 is your least bad option for now.

yep. I spent about 3 months working on the 380's issue. I might just throw a heatsink on my 3770 and stick the fury in there. Just need it for windows stuff anyways, not like it needs to be on 24/7.

@GrayBoltWolf Total Linux Noob here. Can this be done in Linux Mint aswell?

Yes it can be done in Linux Mint but there might be some complication involve there been some people who had succès with Ubuntu and Mint is a fork of Ubuntu. You can give it a go but just be aware of some complication with it. You can go with Debian stretch and install the cinnamon DE instead of gnome 3.

Hope it helps

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I will just make a thread when my new computer is in sight...

I tried pinning it exactly as suggested and it shows up as 4 logical cores on win8 task manager and 4 cores, 4 threads on CPUZ.
Performance is still horrible even with this setup. If I add and pin all 8 cores to the VM, the performance becomes just acceptable. I am not sure what I am missing here. One step forward, two steps

Are you sure you have virtualization acceleration enabled in your BIOS/system?

Yep, it's enabled. It's listed as SVM on the BIOS.

I forgot to mention that I am using a non activated win8.1 at the moment. This was downloaded from MS site and is currently under the 90 days trial. I am not sure if maybe there is some sort of limitation with running a non activated win8 on VM?

@GrayBoltWolf So the need to use a secondary mouse and keyboard is only temporary? I'm going to be doing this on my laptop and would hate to have to use a secondary keyboard/mouse just to play games.

Also I'm kinda concerned because the 10 series nVidia laptops have the iGPU on the i7 turned off in BIOS and I can't find a way to re-enable it. Might have to call MSI and ask.

PCI passthrough doesn't work on laptops.

Hmm, so what options do I have to get off windows and get to playing games in a Linux machine on my device?

The device in question:

You have to run Linux for games, either with bumblebee or using the Nvidia GPU full time.

Linux is just now getting good on the desktop, laptops still have a ways to go. Most of the blame for that lies with X11 imho, it is holding a lot of innovation back.

Well that's a bummer. I was really hoping to completely move away from MS with this new SSD coming in today.

Well running Windows in a VM isn't exactly getting completely away from MS is it? ;)

Well it is if I'm only using it for that purpose. If I have to dual boot it kinda defeats the purpose in my opinion.

For a laptop yes. For a desktop it works great.

Instead of that I did
apt remove --purge virt-manager qemu* libvirt*
When I reinstalled, virt-manager started as expected and did not require root as it should not. Of course libvirt is running as root, as expected.
Windows is installed but I didn't get lucky with my Fury. Windows recognizes it but after installing Crimson, I see Error Code 43 in Device Manager, not quite as expected but with the same end result, fail.
Since it was identified correctly and didn't always crash the host I tried a few old Crimson drivers after I tried the newest, but eventually I gave up and ordered an RX 480. Fingers crossed.

I applied the acs patch on 4.7.5 and on 4.8.12 as well. Both times, there were no errors, but when I execute

find /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/ -type l

the groups stay the same. I still got both graphic cards in group 1. When I try to start the windows vm, I get an error saying "group 1 is not viable, please ensure all devices within the iommu_group are bound to their vfio bus driver"

Any ideas?

Edit: Found it, booted the wrong kernel