Platform for sharing code

I am looking to share some code but I'm new to concepts such as Github and to programming in general. I've heard others talk about "Github lock-in" which I would want to avoid. What is good distribution a solution that is free and open?


I always thought sourceforge was just a file hosting site like Megaupload. I'll take a look.

i guess you're right.

google drive? i think you can share folders.

What is this "Github lock-in"? Github is a service built on top of git, which is a dvcs. There are many other git service providers like Bitbucket. You could even roll your own.

If the lock in refers to Githubs pull request system, that is a completely optional feature. The linux kernel for example uses Github solely as a mirror for the code and Linus still handles patching through email. As a plus, you can still see all the commits and branches that's been done because it's just a fancy ui on top of git.

Please don't go sharing code by copying folders...

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