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The Major reason I do not like this is because no publisher should be able to limit or constrain the games they publish or purchase to one login store. That is like saying you can only purchase this video game from best buy... Sorry game stop shoppers your video game is in another castle.

He double hockey sticks, look at what Rockstar is doing for the best practice on how not to limit your potential clientele.

This is precisely what EA has done and because of this full retail EA games generally cost much more when compared to AAA games by other publishers. Ubisoft is a pretty good example as they sell their games through Uplay and Steam/Origin and because of this the price has stayed fairly competitive, EA on the other hand only sell their games through Origin/PSN/XBOX Live which are all closed market places with higher price markups on new AAA games.


I don't see why M$ would do that, they know they'd lose A TON of customers.

This wasn't awful, good job @Logan. @hutchison15 Is Justin on the forum? Good job to him too.

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I do have to say though, Origin is pretty slick these days, and the free game once and awhile is nice. But yes, the games tend to take longer to drop in price. However I will never buy a Ubisoft pc game that makes me use uplay, no matter the price, do to it being the worst trash to ever be made.

I think it would make for an interesting video if they talked about how everyone is making a store, from blizzard to Bethesda. I just wish everyone would go with the GOG model of drm free.

Meh, nothing wrong with consoles. Gotta protect your IP, though we can agree that MS and Sony are much too vigilant about it. Whenever I do find time to game, it would be much quicker if I could just plug in a console and go, instead of thinking about whether the game is going to crash or not, and whether I can fix it and still have time to play before the 30 minutes I thought I had is gone.

Anyway, don't hate. I'm a PC gamer for the time being, but it's as much a pain as it is entertaining.

Not a bad video, IMO. Nothing that hasn't been discussed many times on the tek. Nonetheless, thanks for posting.

Gosh i miss those days wenn going to a store and buy the games on a cd / dvd.

I can see Microsoft totaly lock down the pc gaming platform.
And thats a sadd thing.
We allready sorta kinda see this happening, with a couple of newly released titles being Windows10 DX12 exclusively.
and i´m affraid that this is the way the pc gaming world is going to be heading.
I think that the Vulkan api would be the only hope for this not to happen.


M$ is not the one to make smart moves. I expect the kick to happen in the future.

All of this contradiction from Technical industry is a form of fear mongering. While we are going on to their sites they get money whether the news is good or bad.

They are all in this together because they have an Agenda. I believe all of the companies and telephone corporations are the one corp all looking after each other. Developers are making code to hijack computers for the gaming Industry. Microsoft will never loose their platform, they are pulling strings and allowing cyber crime.

The gaming industry and 'lack of cyber security' is all big money..

Your free games come from people like myself. My computers are illegally taken over then being advertised to your sites for gamers..

All the nasty code and vulnerabilities are made simply to take over peoples machines..

They can call me what they like but i will never be their server. I will not advocate crimes against humanity

Gamers are sick of windows and if i all the games would work on Linux i would drop windows in a second. Letting ms rule the pc gaming platform in a closed garden would be the worst thing ever for software and hardware company's. I've already said this multiple times that Valve with steam can't do it by itself, proof in point SteamOS. The big missing player here is, NVIDIA. Ya 'im calling them out, I WANT A a free NvidiaOS that will come sitting on every nvidia graphics card i buy. An nvidia linux distro with their own awesome fully "3D" customizable GUI "they can go and buyout KDE or GNOME" that takes full advantage of that 600$+ video card. This vomit interface that ms has been feeding us all throught the years and now win10 interface looks like a bland boring-ass corporate color brochure. YES, nvidia has supported linux and gaming on steamOS with drivers and libraries "i think it's Jen-Hsun Huang' buddy Tim Sweeney that pushed him to do it" but it is NOT enuf. They need to go all the way! Right now developers and gamers need structure and environment, not more overkill 1500$ Titan XXXX's that could be useless if ms decides again to frame-cap UWP games again... I think only nvidia is in a position to do this and with valve and epic games on their side will be a win. Nvidia always say their on the gamers side, well i think it's time for them to put their money were their mouths is.

Microsoft tried to kill pc gaming with their consoles, going around bragging every year that console games were out-selling pc games all the while nvidia and valve and others continued support in dire times and eventually revived it thanks to steam and the big drop in pc hardware price. And now that microsoft's console strategy took a dump, this virus and leech of a company now want to come in and put a fence around it and take it all. I say @#% 'em up!

C'mon Jen-Hsun Huang, i'm calling you out!

I'm a GNU/Linux gamer. If many developers don't want to make a linux-version, that's their problem, not mine.

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Im the same...built it and they will come.