Plastic O-Rings

Is there such a thing as plastic o-rings for cherry mx keyboards?
I wanted to shorten the travel distance for the mx red keys on my k70, but keep the nice clack sound of plastic on plastic.

Let me know where I can buy such a thing if it does exist (yes I already checked amazon & the google).

Simple search on ->

WASD has some too ->

If you haven't already you should read up on the different types. /r/mechanicalkeyboards on Reddit has some usefull links -

The ones I see there are rubber. I was hoping for the same thing but made out of plastic.
In my experience rubber o rings made these keys slightly "bouncy" and I decided I didnt like that.

I don't think that there are any plastic o-rings specific for keyboards. Ordinary plastic rings with the same specs from a hardware store might to the trick.

Not all rubber o-rings are soft, there are harder ones too. I found those and people talked about using them on their keyboards in the reviews (wasn't sure from the looks of it, could've been an ordinary o-ring without the necessary diameter etc.).

Alright, thanks.
I'll see if i can find any of those alternatives.

I have no experience with any o-rings, don't even own a mechanical keyboard, so I can't guarantee that those will do the job.

I got all three sizes orings from this seller. And i can recommend them to everyone. At the moment i got the blue orings on my Leopold FC660M With clear switches. And i tried them on a KBP pro 60% MX brown switches.
And in both cases i could feel the tactile bump but not the clack of bottoming out on to the backplate.. So mission accomplished..

When you order just mention the color you want.
The seller is great and the price compared to others is also good.
i'm so happy with the blue orings that i ordered a second batch..
Even after reading lots of reviews and watching youtube. Trying them out for
my self was the best test ever..
From blue to black , from thicker to thin/harder . i prefer the blue and the reds.
But it al depends on your switch type and goal.

Here is the link where i got mine.


i decided to add to my previous post and do sum testing..
i have a ducky DK9008G2 Pro with MX grey linear switches and decided to try out all my o-rings.
first row blacks , second reds, third blue..

Because the MX greys i have are linear i had trouble noticing the difference between o-ring types.
The only little thing i noticed was the travel distance being reduced from black to reds to blues.

So i decided to switch the keycaps to my Leopold with MX clears hoping the difference would be better noticeable..

This time i did the same test 3 rows of different o-rings.
Stil i had to focus on my typing to tell the difference...

My conclusion is as follows..

if you want to prevent the clacking noise and feel of bottoming out and prevent the harsh feel of smashing the bottom plate (depends on your style of typing,)

Than the black o-ring would be sufficient.

if you want to ad a bit of couching ,,just a bit mind you ..without sacrificing travel distance i would recommend the reds.

But if you don't mind the travel distance as long as you feel the actuation point and your not gentle with your typing style.
Than i would go with the blue o-ring..

Also the type of switch plays a big part in o-ring choice.

For heavy switches i would recommend blacks or reds..
For lighter switches i would get the blue,,

To be honest i would pass on the black o-rings.. Only if your a purist and just want to be a bit quieter hahahaha..

i'm going to get a third keyboard soon.
The Kul ES-87 with MX clears

And after this little test i think i will be going for the red o-rings.
Just because i like the feel of the travel distance ..

There are sum people that claim they can type faster with mx-clears and blue o-rings reducing the travel distance and so on...

Hope this helps a bit..