Plasma cut CNC Rtw logo

Well those of you who have been watching here in other media, I am delivering. 

After work tomorrow, I will set to work sanding and priming the entire thing, Next is black paint, white plexiglass and some Autozone LEDs.




Wow; mine was only cut out of wood! Our CNC router is... custom built, and needs a more powerful router before we cut metal. Gratz, man; where do you live? I might be able to come have you cut me one up, if I can find some sheet metal.

Northern Georgia, the cutter I use is owned by Chattahoocheetech welding department. So I cant cut anything else until june when class starts back up.

good work! 

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Oh - we're pretty close, but too far away not to take the entire day away for just driving down there and back :(

Anyhoo, I sent my hacker-space an email, to see if we can cut sheet metal. Waiting on a response; your Gcode is much better than mine. Didn't realize you had sent me the files a while ago. I'll post my updates soon - great job, man!


Cant wait to see this!

you will need to gear it down. mills are alot different than routers....

Perhaps I might even have to take it to Kentuky.

The Gcode files are setup for a cnc plasma cutter/ laser or router, the .dxf is for mills and other things.

~~It seems the link is broken on this for some reason.

here is the file in my dropbox


Fixed it!

you deserve an internet for that, if not [img],width=178,height=178/Infinity-Symbol.png[/img]

Oh its not finished yet. This is the build thread.

Yes! I live about 20 miles away from their office. Kentucky has its problems, but at least TekSyndicate is here ;)

Haha, Everywhere has problems. Just someplaces have cooler people.


I cleaned the backside of the logo and removed the supports!


And what good project is good without some spilling of blood and ripping of flesh? NONE!

Seriously though, those flames are sharp as FUCK.


thats totally metal

metal indeed.

what type of cnc table and plasma system do you have?