Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Thought I'd recommend a fun game to you all.  Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is hella fun.  My son has been addicted to it since we purchased it, and I'm gonna be buying my copy soon.  No weird glitches or bugs... just a really smooth running fun family game.

I've seen videos from the likes of xFactorGaming and Jackfrags and the rest of the crew. They make me laugh everytime, the game looks so quirky and fun. Might have to order myself a copy too!

I'll be honest I was a little doubtful about this game when it first came out. It looks like it has really solid game play and it's a family friendly game which is a plus. However the one evil I see is it's by EA. Which after what they've done to multiple games has made me really re-consider purchasing anything from them again. That's just my two cents of course.

It's worth it... I used to play Minecraft all the time with my 10 year old son, now Garden Warfare has become our new favorite.  He goes for like 5 hours a day... sometimes longer.

Well we've had no problems so far with this EA game.  This game runs smooth on simple gaming rigs at 60fps+.  We just have R7-260X's, FX-8350's w/ 8GB RAM in each of our pc's.  That setup does ultra no problem.  Plus from what I've read, if you are able to use Mantle... Plants vs. Zombies: Modern Warfare supports it.