Planning to Build a pc

Hi, I'm planning to build a pc (probably on December) with a budget of A$800 (Australian dollar) - and will be first time building one and mostly use it for MMORPG games like tera and Aion and steam games. I would prefer it to be not less than 30 fps and a reasonable graphic settings. Other than that, I think I would prefer to use the AMD FX-8350 CPU (but open to suggestion). For OS, Windows 8.

The parts I'm planning to buy either from or I'll probably choose the better offer when the time come haha

So what I need is suggestion for parts and in the A$800 doesnt include keyboard and mouse but it does include a monitor.


not planning to OC.

At first glance I did not think this was possible, but here we go mate!

Hard to find a decent console killer at that price here! So I was shocked at my findings ;)

One of my machines has an A8, I can say for certain that you can't really game on one, at least not with reasonable FPS, settings, and resolution.

This is a little over budget, but you should get decent frame rates on most games at medium.

It is possible to game on one, that's why I upped the RAM to 2133MHz, to increase the graphics clock on the GPU portion of the APU, or I could've gone the route of adding a Radeon HD 6670 for a hybrid crossfire config, but that would've been annoying for games that aren't configured for crossfire support.

Otherwise that's a decent build you've put together.

the first one looks good but I would prefer to have a dedicated gpu ._.

or is it still better to buy the "next gen" consoles? Because they're cheaper haha

the console is cheaper but the games are more expensive and won't look as good, plus you can't mod, download whatever you want etc..

I see, well this is quite off my budget but, is it ok? <-- or any better suggestion? I cant go more than $877 though (guess I'll buy a cheap keyboard XD) (the ram I can always upgrade in future)