Planning on going full AMD build for the first time...need some opinions though

So,as the title says,I'm planning for an amd build (which is cheaper)

Here are the question or my requirement :

1. a CPU that has the same gaming performance as the 2500K,3570K,2600K. (in terms of fps)

2. an AMD motherboard! (I have no idea lol,never use an amd based system before)

3. GPU...7870 Direct CU II..or some other cards on the similar price.

4. Keep it as budget as possible. like $600-$800

Thanks Guys.

1. Vishera 6300 won't be the same but it'll be damn close for alot less.`

2. An ASRock or ASUS 990.

3. HIS has a 7870 for 205$ if you're saying you want some budget friendly stuff.

Ok this is not a problem,

go with an 8320 as it is the same as the 8350 is extremely overclockable and very close at stock to 3570k speeds

asrock extreme 3 990fx

8gb ram for like 35 $

cx600 or tx650 if around the same price

random 1tb hdd for 65 or 70$

case for like 40-50$

This is what I would go with:

660 Ti gets better FPS in newer games

you should be able to OC to 5Ghz with that coolerĀ  with7950

the evo by asus is a nice board

or with 660ti