Planning on building this pc. what are your thoughts?

Hi, I am currently wanting to buy this pc as it has been reccomended to me by a few people, can you please tell me if you would make any changes to improve it or what i should do to make it better. Also would you buy this PC for you first one (on a bit of a budget) or is it not worth it? If it is not very good could you please help me improve and maybe link a pc that you feel that would have better performance and still around the same price range.


Thankyou, Bradley.

On the top right of Pcpartpicker you can change from dollars to pounds by selecting the "UK". And by doing so you can choose appropriate parts inside the UK market, from UK vendors. What's the top end of your budget? I could most definitely recommend some parts that are better than this, not to be rude.

Oh okay thank you very much I never saw that ha!!! Also I dont see it as being rude at all, I am new to the PC side of things and i'm never really sure if im choosing a pc right! I would say my budget would be up to £400. thanks.

Ok. £400 is good for a budget rig. But, it seems you've gone about it in the wrong way. That celeron is going to be a massive bottleneck. You can get an AMD APU which competes with the Intel i3 (better than the i3) whilst offering some really good integrated graphics... good enough for gaming.
[br]This is a build for a friend, that I made a while ago, borrow parts from there. You can upgrade it with a GPU, such as the 7870 at a later time, the larger PSU will allow for that. But the A10 5800k can handle pretty much any game at low/medium/high settings if you're happy to play either 720p or 1080p. Be sure to get very fast RAM, the APU will need it. You do have to fiddle with the settings to get adequate performance. I've seen the A10 run bioshock infinite, l4d2 and so on. There are additional APUs that are going to hit the market soon. Might be advisable to wait for those, they will have more performance.

I would strongly recommend atleast an i3-3220 processor, and get a single stick of 4gb ram. Don't get 2x 2gb sticks. For a motherboard, I would also recommend the asrock z77 pro4-m. It is much better than what you listed for just a little more. With a 7850 graphics card I think you are looking to game, I would recomend an i5 if you can afford it. Any i5 will do, you will get the 4 cores for better processing.

Summary (in order of importance):

CPU i3-3220 (or any i5 3*** if you can afford it.)

Motherboard: asrock pro4-m

Ram: a single 4gb stick of ddr3 1600 ddr3 (so you can upgrade later)

PSU: get a minimum 550 80plus certified power supply.

GPU: Find a 2GB 7850 graphics card or look for a gtx 650 ti boost or gtx 660


I agree with Berserker. That will carry you very nicely. If you are set on intel, see my below post.

Thankyou very much, I am highly consideringbut the system Berserker linked very soon, Any other advice you would want to give me before I buy it? 

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Just wait for the Richland APUs, they run on the same FM2 socket in the build I linked. Shouldn't be too costly. They will have more performance than the A10 5800k. You can actually check out some YouTube videos on the A10 and its gaming performance.

Thanks Berserker!!! 

Dude it's just a title chill..

Keep in mind that the A10 5800k is equivalent to a7750, not a 7850. I'd go with a low-end AM3+ CPU, and pair it with a 7850, so you have a solid upgrade path.