Planning my plan for my PC build

Planning the Plan


I have been researching building a new gaming rig for the past 3 weeks and after descending into various circles of AMD vs Intel, Radeon vs Nvida Fanboy Hell. I am no closer to making up my mind than when I began. The only good thing about all this is I discovered tech syndicate. Which is why I'm turning here for help.

Let's start with my budget $2000 my goal is build a machine that will last 4 years or longer with maybe only a graphics card upgrade in that time frame. I would like to go with an AMD build and am thinking about an FX-9370. But I have three concerns with an AMD build. 1. do I really need a 1000W power and 2. I feel that much of the AMD 990fx boards lack features when compared to the Z87's. Last but not least i'm having trouble finding and AMD board that has PCI 3.0 ports on them. I know that cards at the moment can take advantage of 3.0 but I'd like to take advantage of them when they do. So give me your opinion. Are my concerns moot? And what would you do with my budget? 

Thanks in Advance!

This is what I would do

Save your money on a fx 9xxx get a 8350 and a high end closed water loop for same dough and better results. A 1000w is over kill more like a nice 850w  i got the fx 8350 im very pleased. PCI 3.0 Meh..