Planning my first build $800

  • Budget $700-$800 
  • I live in the US – No Microcenter near :/
  • No peripherals needed
  • Used for gaming and some light video editing
  • I want the option to OC in the future
  • No custom watercooling
  • I need a copy of Windows
  • I'd like the run current games near max and future games at medium at least.
  • WIll be playing games at 1080p
  • I play FPS, MMO, Minecraft – a little bit of everything. 

Decided that I'm not buying a next gen consol. Running with PC all the way and I feel great about the decition. Now I just need a rig that will keep me going for the next few years (4-5 hopefully) with some minor updates along the way.

I was trying to leave some room for improvement in this build. Can you guys let me know if the below is feaseable with this build?

  • I could add another 7950
  • I could upgrade to an FX-8350 or a Piledriver if they use AM3+ (any official news on that?)
  • I was hoping to OC the CPU and GPU in the future (or maybe even now)

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

I just fell into the exact same category that you are... I mean we have the same budget and same thoughts... It's crazy haha. I just posted my build and from the research I've done it's pretty good and is future-proofed rather well. I am not exactly an expert, but what I have found is really good. :D Hope this helps.

That's funny, they are so close. I'll be sure to keep an eye on your post, I think anything there will help me too.

i would personally go with a corsiar 300r as a case its a nice case and i love mine got it for $60 lots of cooling solutions moreso the ability to mount a 240mm closed loop liquid cooler radiator for something like a h100i at the top which is nice along with convenient fan locations/ the rosewill is nice too just the actual fan locations are not as practical and i would really go the extra mile and get the m5a99fx pro rev 2.0 motherboard from asus its a better overall board and will help more with ocing in the future.