Planned New Linux box

Well the trouble is right now the folks over in /r/VFIO which had a list dividing the team red cards into the two types of reset bugs seem to have withdrawn their list of them entirely for the moment and since price/performance on the RX 5700 XT really isn’t that different from a GTX 1660/Super/Ti. At this point as much as part of me really dislikes NVidia for how they handle their linux drivers. For now they really do just work.

I double a 3060 is anywhere in my near future since I really doubt I will go over $400 for a video card anytime soon for just 1080p Stuff though this whole hardware rabbit hole has gotten me has been looking at the Monoprice monitors that appeal to my frugal nature but given this is upgrade season I may retire my 42" tv on the main screen at least to a reasonable 32/27" IPS Panel.

My current list for hardware: is with an x570 Board, specifically the Gigabyte version. I have read elsewhere for someone who has had decent success with the Master version of the board but that one seems out of stock or way overpriced. This thread is one that has note for some of the current bugs/workarouds

I am going to spend some time on metal (my el cheapo salvage laptop) with the current Fedora and see how I like the current version. I’ve run Manjaro before and while there is nothing wrong with it, especially when you add in the AUR. However the frequent short term “breakage” can be somewhat frustrating for me. I am reserving judgement at the moment.

I will say though it seems that a lot of the VFIO passthrough isn’t going to really happen for now since the AGEAS bug in UEFI kills all VT in linux right now with anything Ryzen. I am too bloody cheap to go Threadripper so I may check some Intel build sets but that will cut down on just how much of a machine I can build right ow. That whole AGEAS thing has been an active bug for over a year and still seems unfixed so I may end up just resorting to running what I want natively in Linux or using that combo of Proton/DXVK/etc.

I am probably about two weeks out from pulling the trigger and spending some money so I will keep an eye out for other options and I will say this has been a fascinating dive down the rabbit hole.