Planned build, balanced?

Am in the planning stage so nothing has been bought yet, does this build:-

seem balanced? Opinions?

Notes -

The power supply will probably come down, possibly all the way to a 750.

Flashing the UEFI (BIOS) is a non event on ASUS boards can be done without a CPU even installed.

CEB board will fit in an R4,it's just the cable grommets (at the side) will be blocked.

I'd grab the r4 XL case instead and drop the psu down to a 750 ~ rm750 etc.

Do you mean R2XL? Seems a bit overpowering (external size). Not really sure it would "fit" in the space I have planned for it.

Power supply is up in the air at the moment may well go to a 750 (possibly even a 650)


i think the mobo won't fit in the fractal r4. the mobo is pretty big. take a look at the samsung 840 pro. it costs a bit more but it has more waranty.


Sorry my bad - yeah the r2 xl. Unless you change the mobo to a normal atx size one.

The board has a CEB form Factor (same[ish] standoff layout as an ATX board but slightly wider).  It will go into an R4 but the board will cover the cable routing grommets . Removing the middle drive bay allows for cable routing at the side of the motherboard 'tray' rather than through the grommets. See Logan's build of this board into an R4.

this>><< if space is a concern - matx 2011 + 780ti +350d