Planetside2 thoughts

It seems to be a very interesting game, but I wonder if it will be done correctly. I'm downloading it now to play the beta and I'm excited to see what it has to offer. Just wondering if anyone else has played and what's your thoughts on your experience thus far.

PvM Colton, or maybe pvmcolton not sure, I was really confused at first because it just kind of throws you into it without any sort of instruction. I think i'm starting to get the hang of it. I like the combat, it's really smoothe, guns are typically balanced (atleast to my experience).  Overall, not bad at all, especially for a free game.


Ok, I think my username is Denwop6, I don't know if you can add that or not, I'll have it downloaded tomorrow, I'm download LoL again right now for some stupid reason lol

I said it before and will say it again: We need Planetside 2 ingame outfit for Tek Syndicate.

My ingame username is TRLeBerduk, well, from TR.

It looks amazing, but my laptop can't run through playable (@ extreme minimum settings...) Gonna give it a serious go when I get a mid-range desktop up and running next week.

my thoughts,

Anyone else downloading this right now? I know literally nothing about this game, so jumping into it will be pretty interesting.

I've been in the beta for a Few months Now. And I can Honeslty Say Its a Good Game. Some Things Though

I DONT think its ready to be realeased, its still very buggy

The Factions Are Still Pretty unballenced.

The game Is VERY Teamplay Based. JOIN  AN OUTFIT, if not you will suffer. 

I was in the beta but my system at the time just didnt like it (Eyefinity + 2x6870s).

I thought I'd give it another go with the F2P launch (7950OC) but they seem to have broken it pretty bad for multi-monitor users by using narrow FOVs . The gun takes up most of the center screen! Does anyone know if there is new fix for this?

The guys over at WSGF have put this patch together but need the devs to implement it ->

I've been playing it since the Tech Test alpha and I've loved it every step of the way. Being a Planetside 1 vet I knew how to play it, but with the launch of the game they do tell you what to do now in a nice short tutorial video. Still a lot of people have been acting confused in the central hubs not knowing where to go so maybe they can fix that soon.

Is this yet another free2play but pay2win "game"? In other words, can you buy advantages for money like special armor, weapons, attachments for weapons and all that kind of nonsense which are only available for money, to be more specific game currency?

I do not think pay2win applies here even if you could buy everything from day one. The reason is that as an individual one player is not going to make any difference. Even one full squad is going to have little impact, at least an outfit or two is needed to properly apply pressure to the enemy. It is kind of game where you will have to accept that you are going to die every minute or two unless you want to be useless to the team.

Berkutivich: "at least an outfit or two is needed to properly apply pressure to the enemy"

There we have it. So you CAN buy advantages for money. Please refrain from whitewashing and get straight to the point, Berkutovich.

As I see it now this "game" = joke is not worth my precious time and money. I like free2play games that offer items which are not game breaking, in other words, just for the looks. If I like the game I will purchase something every once in a while just to support that game. Paying for advantages like stronger weapons is absolutely immoral.

I always use a good example. What´s the difference between a person that pays money for a private cheats to gain an advantage in games and a person that pays money for better performing items to gain an advantage in games? One is illegal and might get you banned the other is absolutely legal. However both have one thing in common, they´re immoral.

To me it´s already gamebreaking when I loose a 1 vs 1 gun fight against an equaly skilled  player just because he had a better gun which is only available for game currency that can only be purchased with real money.

So, no matter how small the impact of paying2win in this game might be it´s still pay2win and I don´t want to support that with my money. It´s sick and unfair because the one who´s ready to spend more cash is going to have the upper hand. Skill does not compensate everything.

This game is published by Sony, if I got this right. What a disappointment. Time to switch brands. No money for you Sony.

20 fps on most machines - fx-8150, hd6970

Just finished downloading the game. If anyone wants to form a squad then my ingame name is "LeBerduk" from Vanu Sovereignty.

I feel that this game would be much more fun if I could get my friends to play. :P

Played a bit of it last night, after the AU server finally sorted itself out and allowed plays to actually join it..

Wasn't heaps impressed. Was a huuuuuuge clusterfuck of players, pretty cool seeing so many people around but my faction was getting totally wrecked. Combat didn't seem that fun either really, I think I'd rather play battlefield 3.

Jumped to conclusions that fast? Every unlock that matters can be done just by playing - the rest are cosmetics.

I think you just opened a door to a dushbag troll knocking on it.

Seriously, people, it is all about being part of a team and teamplay. I had great fun yesterday evening when I joined a platoon with two squads in it. We were successfully defending south wing of a giant complex against New Conglomerate until we got flanked from the west. Busting tanks with a stationary turret is quite satisfying.

But I want TekSyndicate platoon.