Planetside 2 outfit

im just wondering if anyone wants to start a tek syndicate outfit. the games free but you really need alot of people to have alot of fun.....

I'm in if this get's going, might want to choose a different faction though, NC does not seem to be popular with PS2 players on teksyndicate.

ok i that was just the one i am currently playing what is the faction that teksndicate members usaly like?


It seems to be pretty even between vanu and TR. Just to verify, have you had extensive experience in a PS2 outfit before? If not, you should get some experience in an outfit or recruit someone who has had such experience before you try to start your own.

no im not saying im going to run it im just saying does anyone want to start one.ive just been playing with a few friends just got the game a few days ago.......

Well, you don't need a huge group to have some fun in PS2, you can actually get some shit done in many situations with just a squad. You might find some more people who are interested if you post when more people are on, I don't know where you are at, but it's pretty late here in NY. Also eliminate NC from the title, to avoid putting off people who prefer other factions. A Tek syndicate PS2 outfit is long overdue, if we can get about ten people interested, it may be enough to get the ball rolling.

I'm interested in getting one going. I know a few others here on TS who would be interested as well. I play Vanu (BR10, just made a new character) and I have about 20 hours into the game with good stats. If anyone wants to play add me on Steam, same name as here. I take the game pretty serious when it comes to doing well.

I'm interested. I currently play a Vanu heavy BR18, but I'd be happy to play another faction.

ive been playing with only 2 other people you really need around 12 because we got over runed verry easaly. i usaly post when i have an idea wich just so happens to be at night (i live in central time zone.) done and i agree we need around 10+ to get the ball rolling 

I'm down with playing with any TR members on Connery.

I'm game for anything; looks like a pretty good game, but I've only messed around with it.

why dont everyone post if you want to or not then we will decide server and faction.

I play PS2 ALL THE TIME with like 6 or 7 friends of mine. We usually play TR on Waterson and I would LOVE having a teksyndicate outfit. +9001 for the idea

I'm in, don't really mind which faction. I'll get some of my friends to join with me.

There's a thread on the RazetheWorld community page already up regarding this. I think a few people mentioned being interested. I'd recommend you go there and recruit some people.

Unless those very people are part of this thread haha.

Right. Here is a link to the thread. Anyone who is interested should drop their names there.

I'm in, I was in an outfit called TT6, then they closed, so I've been of the game a while. I know how to run one too so, I could help with the whole thing.


I have started the Outfit on Waterson, Terran troops, I am starting a new post to recruit people so, see you on there!

Interested but I play as NC.