PlanetSide 2 Guide & Review

So, with the recent full scale launch of PlanetSide 2, it has not doubt peaked the interest of many gamers looking for something new. It's a hybrid of FPS and RTS in an MMO environment, and with that many three letter acronyms its no suprise that gamers from across multiple genres would go half-chub from that description alone... not to mention it's free. However, for those looking to get involved, it can be quite overwhelming to make it over the initial hump of learning the ropes.

The game offers several video tutorials in the game launcher, but they don't do a great job at unifying the information in a timely manner, and god only knows that one's attention span can easily get the better of them.

But fear not, for this video will cover everything you need to know to get started in playing the game! From classes, bases, weapons, and game mechanics, this guide will set you ahead of the plethora of bambi's teabagging eachother at the starting warpgate. And if your still on the fence about the game and would like to know if it is really worth your time, the video doubles as a journalistic review so that you can be sure that you don't waste your hard earned..... bandwidth (the game is free and I needed someway to finish that line). 

If your not into the whole "video" thing, or if your deaf or blind, a full transcript of the video is linked below. Sadly, as there is no brail copy yet in production, those of you who are deaf and blind are out of luck. Sorry Hellen Keller, you're going to have to sit this one out (going to hell for that).

Remember, if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to voice them in the comments below or on youtube (I usually respond to youtube faster). If you liked this video I would encourage your to check out some of the other content on my channel and subscribe if you like what you see, otherwise i will [INSERT INBOX THREAT HERE]

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As some game mechanics have changed since this video was made in beta, any and all notable changes will be listed below

-The infiltrator has an additional tool called the Recon Detect Device, which once fired onto a surface, relays the location of moving enemies within it's radius.

"Arggh, you totalitarian TR scumbag! Our Vanu science will crush you like a roach you are!

Sincerely, Vanu Sovereignty"

Jokes aside, quite a good early review of the game. I especially liked the detailed review of class-based system.

However, there are several misleading points in my opinion.

Firstly, game is described as incorporating elements of RTS. This hugely misleading. PS2 has nothing to do with RTS. Tactical decision-making is involved at the level of platoon and squad leaders. For usual squad member it is just straight FPS where you, as a player, should follow orders and make sure that you and your teammates stay alive as long as possible to complete an objective. It is the sence of scale of each battle in PS2 what makes the game feel unique.

Secondly, I do not think pay2win really applies here. How can you win on a giant persistent map where one to one combat does not matter? Furthermore, so far I have not seen any case where any faction was able to capture an entire map.

Lastly, gamestory. I do not think anyone cares about story in PS2. Describing it like it matters is not really fair.


Thank you for the response and I appreciate taking the time to read so deeply into what I said in this review. However, I do have several rebuttles to your comments.


On your first point that you stated that the title of RTS is misleading, I would have to argue quite the opposite for this. RTS (Real Time Strategy) is exactly as it's name would suggest, strategy that takes place in real time. While it's true that squad and platoon leaders are the main force begind the decision making on the battlefield, they are still just players in the game which means that the game does have those aspects. Additionally, any successful team will have it's troops communicating and giving updates on the situation in the battlefield as it happens. When this information is conveyed to the platoon leader the grand scheme of the strategy is devised, but everyone are important puzzle pieces in being successful. Whether you are an artillary squad providing surpression to turrets, an infiltration squad sabotaging enemy lines, or an air fleet providing pressure to infantry, everyone plays a role.


On to your next point, explaining the supposed irrelivance of the possiblity for a "pay2win" mechanic. I feel that I should preface this by saying that I did indeed say that I did NOT think that PS2 is play2win, but will continue on as devil's advocate. You are indeed 100% correct that even if there was a play2win mechanic in place, it would not make anyone "truly" win because this game requires teamwork and personal accomplishment does not affect the grand scheme of things. However, many people do not think as wisely as you do and consider "winning" just upping their own personal KD instead of helping their team to accomplish goals. A prime example of this would Blacklight Retribution. The game is heavily unbalanced in favor of players dishing out real money, and even though they aren't really helping their team in the big picture, they are still heavily "paying to win". So I agree with what you have to say partially here and understand where your coming from, but sometimes you have to put yourself in the shoes of people who just can't see the big picture of "teamwork".

As for your last point, that gamestory doesn't matter, I also see where you are coming with this partially and am very glad you brought this up. Many people these days are throwing around the saying "story is most important", but they are ignorant to the fact that you have to judge the medium (genre) of game they are talking about. A game like the elder scrolls or half life, for example, shows that story is incredibly important. But if you look at a game like Quake, it can be argued that story is not the most relevant aspect of the game... and that is true! The fact is that a good story is needed more or less depending on what the game is. HOWEVER, in PlanetSide 2's case there is a very real reason why I brought this up. PlanetSide 1 was often heavily criticized (perhaps unfairly) for it's very week story. For this, they hired a good write for PS2 to make an interesting backstory for the game. And in the case of PlanetSide 2, it does enhance the feel of the game. Take a game like Star Wars: Battlefront 2, a game that is close enough for the point of arguement. Does the gameplay mechanics and having fun with the game REQUIRE the Star Wars story? No. But, it does add a sense of meaning to what you are doing in the game. This is immediately evident by your comment in the beginning saying, "Arggh, you totalitarian TR scumbag! Our Vanu science will crush you like a roach you are!". This is clear evidence that you DO care about the backstory and it is driving your competitive nature. Still, although i don't totally agree, a very good point to raise.

So yeah sorry for the long winded response to your comment, but i feel that what you said warranted it becuase you gave an actual indepth opinion on the review. I really like when people do that and encourage you to continue. You don't have to accept my opinion, but it's always good to talk about things and think about what others say.. just like i have with your comment :)

You are totally right that I do not have agree with you. However, given such a good argumentation I see no other option but to agree.

Are you planning to produce other videos about PS2? I personally could use indepth guide to platoon/squad structures, management and certification requirements for a productive squad leader.

i wish they had a better tutorial that is the one thing that is going to hurt this game new players get vary confused and quit and that is not good. also you should probaly stop oppresing people or the people are going to rise up and kill all of the tr just a thought

Words like "oppressing" and "dictatorship" are such a harsh way of putting things. I like to think our people are more along the lines of "emancipationally impared"